Tips & Tricks

September 15, 2014

The Power of Community

Those on the debt free journey with the Debt Free Divas know full well that we advocate partnership when cleaning up a financial fiasco. Partnership in […]
September 10, 2014

Find Flight Credits

I picked up this great tip from a friend and felt compelled to share. Did you know that some airlines actually care about your pocketbook? Alaska […]
September 4, 2014
Debt Verfication

DIY Debt Verification

I was preparing the kiddies for bed a few nights back while listening to an interesting radio show on personal finances. Yes! Some of us still […]
July 29, 2014
Side Hustle Required

Side Hustle Required

I read an excellent post from a friend at The Shop My Closet Project outlining a debt snowball barometer. Your snowball might be icy unless you […]
July 22, 2014

Free Budgeting in Cyberspace

Are you looking for useful tools to help create a budget and manage your spending? Never fear, the Internet is here. We’ve looked at a number […]
July 10, 2014

Does Credit Monitoring Make Good Cent$?

Credit monitoring services cost between $10-$30/month. The companies tout a bevy of services, including:
June 4, 2014

Failing Forward

In my other life beyond the Debt Free Divas, I run a community Laundromat with my wonderful husband. The experience has been filled with trials, triumphs […]
May 9, 2014
Count the real cost of giving cash when helping those in a financial bind

Are You Really Helping?

A recent exchange with a Team Debt Free member raised an interesting point. Is giving money the best way to help family and/or friends in need? […]
May 1, 2014

3 Steps to Phenomenal-ness

We recently shared that one is 33% more likely to accomplish goals when they are written, shared with a friend, and reviewed weekly. Either because of […]
April 22, 2014


Heather Katsonga-Woodward, CEO of Neno Natural, will lead our 5th MISSION POSSIBLE session. This former investment banker – turned entrepreneur – lives in London, England. She […]