January 20, 2011


Comparing debt elimination to a marathon aggravates me. Marathons have a defined beginning and end point. You can judge an approximate end time. There’s honor in […]
January 14, 2011

Bended Fender Brush with an Emergency Fund

This past Monday, I was returning from an early morning doctor appointment. No problems there. Less than a mile from home, I attempted to make a […]
January 10, 2011

Unleashing Your Inner DIVA

Hello World. It’s a New Year!! Time to unleash your INNER DEBT FREE DIVA (…or Dude)!! You know – the one you’ve been hiding from so […]
January 6, 2011

New Year, New You

What are the top 3 resolutions for any new year? We’re revealing the answers on the Mid Day Money Show. Last week, the Debt Free Divas […]
January 3, 2011

Let The Bankruptcies Begin

Prichard, Alabama, a town of 27,000 on the outskirts of Mobile, stopped paying pension benefits for retired city employees. Yes, you read correctly. 150 retired, seasoned […]
December 29, 2010

I’ll Have No More Debt, Thank You

I had a conversation with my brother about finances some time ago. We added my family’s combined income (large family). I was blown away to think […]
December 26, 2010

Yakezie Challenge

Ya-who? Ya-what? It’s pronounced yah-KAY-zee. I think. I was surfing the inter-webs and clicked upon an interesting site promoting a community of financial and lifestyle bloggers. […]
December 24, 2010

Student Loans: Can we afford ’em?

CNBC recently profiled the student loan crisis in the United States.  This year, the nation’s student loan total will top out at $880 billion. That’s nearly […]
December 21, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

The Debt Free Divas want to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, financially-sound New Year!!! Have a laugh on us…   Click here […]
December 19, 2010

Need Cash…Try Reality TV

I take in a good reality TV show a few times a week. CBS’s Amazing Race is my all-time favorite. 11 teams compete in world-wide scavenger […]
December 19, 2010

Back on Track

Wow. The Debt Free Divas talk show is taking off. Thanksgiving has come and gone. The store traffic is picking up. A new part-time gig is […]