July 26, 2017

A Wake Up Call – From Middle Class to Scraping By

Listen To The Full Interview: Let’s  assume you’ve done everything the right way. You’ve earned a college degree – or two. Or, you’ve risen through the […]
May 27, 2017

dfree® is Shaking Up Financial Literacy in the Black Community

Listen To The Full Interview:   Tamika Stembridge, Esq. is the Executive Director of the dfree® Global Foundation and a recent guest on the Midday Money […]
May 13, 2017
Student Loans

How a Recent Grad Dumped $30K in Student Loans in 1 Year

Listen To The Full Interview:   Phil Risher kicked butt and dumped $30,000 in student loans in one year. He’s a recent graduate who dared to […]
April 3, 2017
Estate Planning

Understandng the Basics of Estate Planning

Listen To The Full Interview: When you hear the words “estate planning”, do you think of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or maybe Oprah? Those folks need […]
March 29, 2017

5 Areas to Evaluate Your Bank for Best Results

Listen To The Full Interview: Why did you choose your current bank? Ever thought much about it. I think convenience plays a huge role in why […]
March 14, 2017

My Trip on the Capital One #ReimagineBanking Tour

Capital One is leading a new trend in community banking – and I like it. Community banking centers are popping up in cities across the U.S. […]
March 4, 2017

It’s Time to Re-Imagine Banking with Capital One

When is the last time you’ve been inside of an actual bank? I know… For most of us, there’s no need anymore. We can transfer funds […]
February 20, 2017

6 Ways to Save More of Your Hard Earned Cash

After a great conversation with a friend at church this weekend about the challenges of managing cash flow period and as a couple more specifically, this […]
February 18, 2017
financial goals

F.I.R.E. Up Your Long-Term Financial Goals

Listen To The Full Interview: Do you ever need a shot of motivation to keep working towards a long-term goal? I know I do. I’m actually […]
January 5, 2017

They Saved $500,000 in Four Years and Retired as Millionaires in Their 40s

Meet Mindy! She’s in her 40s. She’s retired. She’s a speaker at the New Year New You 2017 Financial Summit. Wouldn’t a work-optional lifestyle be nice? […]
December 13, 2016
Job Loss

Handling Debt When You Lose a Job

Losing a job is devastating, especially if it’s unexpected. When you aren’t earning a regular salary, it’s easy to become mired in frustration and anxiety as […]
December 9, 2016
Free to Serve

I Paid Off $40,000 of Debt and Am Now Free to Serve

Listen To The Full Interview: Life doesn’t give you a pass on challenges when paying off debt. I’ve said it once and it’ll be true 1000 […]
December 5, 2016
Dumping Debt

5 Reasons You’re Not Making Progress Dumping Debt

When dumping debt, the journey is rarely an entirely smooth ride. Sometimes the  progress will stall or stopped altogether. It happens. It’s normal. Don’t worry. Whether […]
December 3, 2016

Dee-1: A Fiscally Responsible Hip Hop Messenger For Good

Listen To The Full Interview: We have another Midday Money Show first this week. I’ve never talked with a hip hop artist who was so intentional […]
November 28, 2016

Home Loan Hacks: 4 Surprising Tips for Paying Off Your Mortgage

For homeowners, mortgage payments are usually the largest item in a household budget. Have you ever thought how much your life could change if you were […]
November 27, 2016
Blog Away Debt

A Marvelous Accountability Approach Helping One Group Dump Loads of Debt

Listen To The Full Interview: My blogging bud, Aja McClanahan of Principles of Increase, put together a list of 17 folks who blogged their way out […]
November 21, 2016
Long-Term Travel

How to Save for Long-Term Travel

Trying to figure out how to save up for an extended trip or long-term travel can be really overwhelming and often it simply just seems impossible […]
November 19, 2016
Money Secrets

I Called Off My Wedding Because He Was Keeping Money Secrets

Listen To The Full Interview: Leslie Tayne was about to marry the apple of her eye. She’d been dating him for 3 years and engaged for […]
November 15, 2016
African-American Community

The Financial State of Affairs in the African-American Community, Part II

Listen To The Full Interview: We did it again. Another fantastic critique on the state of personal finances. Except this time, the fellas take a crack […]
November 8, 2016
African-American Community

The Financial State of Affairs in the African-American Community – Part I

Listen To The Full Interview: I totally had a fan girl moment. While attending FinCon in San Diego, I assembled a fabulous panel of personal finance […]
October 31, 2016
Living Debt Free

Living the Debt Free Side of Life

Listen To The Full Interview: Do you have a decent income, but nothing to show for it? José can relate. He and his wife were out […]
October 28, 2016
Save More

4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Save More

Many people tend to find themselves tighter on funds than they ever hoped and planned to be. Whether it’s due to business being slower than normal […]
October 26, 2016
Make Friends With The Stock Market

How to Make Friends with the Stock Market in 3 Minutes

Listen To The Full Interview: The stock market and the topic of investing doesn’t come naturally for many of us. In fact, 67% of women graded […]
October 18, 2016
Child Identity Theft

The Creepy Reality of Child Identity Theft

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s fun to partake in the spooky and magical fun that’s everywhere this time of year. But while the little […]
October 15, 2016
No Student Loans

Living the Debt Free Life with 13 Kids, No Mortgage, and No Student Loans

Listen To The Full Interview: Actually my guest today has 14 children. Sam and her husband, Rob Fatzinger, recently took in a new foster baby. When […]
October 10, 2016
Save Money On Your Next Move

6 Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Move

Moving can be expensive whether you are moving across the country or even just across the street. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to […]
October 4, 2016
College Students Abusing Credit Cards

Warning Signs that College Students are Abusing Credit Cards

Listen To The Full Interview: In college, I got my first credit card very early. It was a Dillards store card. If you’re not from the […]
September 26, 2016

5 Things About Investing That You Should Know

Investing is a great way to grow personal savings. Who doesn’t want to retire early and live off of the yields from their investment portfolio? While […]
September 21, 2016
Budget Habit

4 Tips for Building a Better Budget Habit

It’s one thing to build a budget and it’s a whole different thing to actually stick to it and get into the habit of keeping within […]
September 19, 2016
Shopping Addiction

Lauren Greutman is a Spender Recovered from $40,000 in Debt

Listen To The Full Interview:   The heavens sang for Lauren Greutman when she entered Target. Hobby Lobby spoke to her in ways that most may […]