Debt Free Divas

January 7, 2013

A Raise in 21 Days

We’re convinced it takes 21 days to build a habit. Effective money management is a learned skill. Have you missed any Tips of the Day in […]
January 3, 2013

Busted 2012 Goals

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and the time has come to renew our focus on ditching debt in 2013. As is customary for this […]
December 5, 2012

Blog Title Contest

Aja Williams is a single mom on a mission. Seven years ago, she found herself over $130,000 in debt. Today she is debt free, raising a […]
November 27, 2012

Declaration of Financial Empowerment

We found this in an issue of Black Enterprise about 10 years ago. Do you need a declaration of financial empowerment? How about making these your […]
November 12, 2012

Groupon gotchas

Admittedly, I am a late adopter. The latest fads have to become old-fashion, typically, before my interest peaks. My grandmother was on Facebook first. I didn’t […]
October 22, 2012

Total Woman Takeaways

The Debt Free Divas had an amazing weekend. Rockford, IL (2 hours north of Chicago) played host to the Total Woman Expo. This scholarship fundraiser and […]
October 11, 2012
Simple Strategies to Build Savings

Simple Strategies to Build Savings

A savings fund is your best defense against forces that seek to derail your debt free momentum. Yes! Forces intent on keeping you mired in money […]
October 4, 2012
Jump Start Your Savings

Jumpstart Your Savings

I love statistics. Numbers help me to visualize abstract concepts. So when a recent workshop presenter started with a couple savings stats, I perked right up. […]
September 27, 2012

Rich vs Average People

I spied a provocative article on Yahoo!Finance last week – 21 Ways Rich People Think Differently. Who can resist an article about rich people, with bullet points […]
September 26, 2012
Advice to Younger Self

Advice to My Younger Self

This post was originally posted in 2012. I’m doing the math and recognizing that a lot has change – even now. I could add to this […]