Debt Free Divas

February 3, 2014


January 29, 2014
Rent vs Buy

Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Place

Whether to rent vs buy depends entirely on individual circumstances. Understanding that I’m squarely on the fence, let me share how we recently approached that age-old […]
January 25, 2014

The Point of Points

I have been waiting to exhale this story for many months. We f…i…n…a…l…y have approval to close on a new place; one to more comfortably house […]
January 11, 2014
Doing Different Things

Doing Things Differently Will Help You Win

 **************************************************************************************************************************** Michelle Jackson is a guest blogger and founder of The Shop My Closet Project. She is an obsessive reader of books, blogs, and magazines. Well […]
December 11, 2013

Rich vs Poor Debate – Our Take

A growing controversy festers surrounding a list of 20 habits posted to Dave Ramsey’s website. A blogger, Tom Corley, developed the results from a small study […]
November 27, 2013

Thoughts on Thankfulness

I try to continually count my blessings. However, the Thanksgiving season tends to put a point on that idea. Possibly because we slow down from the […]
November 13, 2013

Can We Be Financially Free?

Disclaimer: My family is not yet financially free (according to my definition), so this entire discussion is theoretical – at best. However, if you can see […]
November 5, 2013

How Not to Fight Over Money

This morning I had a sharp (read: nasty) reaction about a financial matter shortly before WonderMan left for work. Even with 11 years of progress learning […]
October 31, 2013

Halloween Help Us

We’ve entered into the holiday season. Time for fun. Time for family. Time for financial fuzziness. I’m continually amazed at the amount of money we shell […]
October 10, 2013

Lessons From the Government Shutdown

We’ve now entered week two of the latest political melodrama. Someone recently posted an applicable African proverb: When elephants fight, the grass suffers. Regardless of your […]