They Saved $500,000 in Four Years and Retired as Millionaires in Their 40s

Meet Mindy!

She’s in her 40s. She’s retired.

She’s a speaker at the New Year New You 2017 Financial Summit.

Wouldn’t a work-optional lifestyle be nice? Can you imagine it 4 years from now? 10 years from now?

Oh yeah. You could still work in an area you enjoy, but I’m talking about not having to work.

This is a reality for Mindy and her husband. After he had a particularly bad day at work, the Jensen’s decided at the tender age of 38 to set a goal of saving one million dollars in order to retire in their 40s. They began to track their expenses, increase their income with side hustles like blogging and investing in real estate.

Read their entire story here.

Yes, they had a great savings start. Don’t let that deter you though. You’ll be able to learn from Mindy’s experience and set your own work-optional lifestyle goals.

Mark your calendar and join us for the free New Year New You Financial Summit. January 9 – 13, 2017.


Mindy is just ONE of the awesome speakers lined up for the summit. Don’t miss this summit, especially if you want to master your money in 2017.

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The best part?

It’s 100% virtual and 100% free.

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Debt Free Divas
Debt Free Divas
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