Jessica Garbarino’s Single Minded Determination to Dump $56,000 of Debt

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Spending time with her abuelos (grandparents) lit a financial fire under Jessica Garbarino. Her light bulb moment was the culmination of years of life’s lessons learned and a weekend watching her grandma reconcile a checkbook like no one’s business.

Financial lessons come in all flavors.

For Jessica, recognizing just how much her grandparents were able to accomplish after immigrating to the United States from Cuba in their 40s with nothing was life changing. Even their wedding rings – then considered contraband – had to be left behind.

Jessica was living the “Sex in the City” life, full of fashionable shoes and fruity drinks, but she wasn’t making traction – financially speaking.

After a chance encounter with Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover, she was ready for a change. Until life happened.

Jessica’s story is a lesson in perseverance. Unfortunately, life doesn’t grant us a pass on challenges while dumping debt.

If you take anything from this episode of the Midday Money Show podcast, I hope it’s the encouragement to stick with your debt free journey. You may need to restart a few times. That’s okay. Just don’t give up.

Since accomplishing her financial goal, Jessica created Every Single Dollar to help other single ladies who are where she was. Her goal is the support single women on their journey out of debt so no one feels like their traveling the debt free path alone.


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Topics Covered on this Episode

  • How Jessica’s grandparents rebuilt their lives and thrived after starting over with nothing.
  • The light bulb moment that was followed by facing her debt in black and white.
  • The first step anyone should take when dumping debt.
  • Why credit cards are like financial heroin.


“To see how much [debt I had] in writing…that moment took my breath away. ” ~Jessica Garbarino


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Debt Free Divas
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