I Paid Off $40,000 of Debt and Am Now Free to Serve

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Life doesn’t give you a pass on challenges when paying off debt.

I’ve said it once and it’ll be true 1000 times.

Actually, that’s exactly why dumping debt should be a priority. Because debt free or not, you will have trials in this life. It’s a sad commentary on life, but true.

Dealing with challenges without the burden of debt is huge! It really is.

Take this week’s guest on the Midday Money Show. He and his wife were going through life, doing what normal people do, until they hit a financial setback.

However, because they had made dumping debt a priority, that setback became a minor footnote in their debt free story. One that we can chuckle about whimsically because debt freedom gave them options.

You can have those options too.

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We talked about…

  • How a focus on eliminating debt cushioned a significant financial setback that his family experienced unexpectedly.
  • The lifestyle options that being debt free provided as it relates to extended family assistance.
  • Why lending and borrowing money from family can be tricky. His suggestion on how to approach lending to family and friends.
  • How biblical principles of money management made a significant impact on his ability to repay debt.
  • His introduction to Crown Financial Ministries.
  • A look at why dumping debt is an essential accomplishment.
  • The work he now does through his ministry, Free to Serve.
  • How they augmented the debt snowball to better fit their process of repaying debt.


“I believe because of the giving, that helped us stay on track and helped with the mindset and blessings.” ~Efrem Jackson

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Debt Free Divas
Debt Free Divas
I'm committed to helping you accomplish your debt free dreams! ~Toni

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