Is Marrying for Love Financially Risky?

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Armed with a provocative article on website and a group of fabulous, financial minds in the personal finance space; I bring you a great conversation on whether marrying for love is a financially risky proposition for college educated women.

According to this article, women with a college degree stand to lose $25,000/year if they marry someone less educated – formally that is.

Does this ring true?

Would the prospect of losing out on a cool $25,000 a year give you pause when evaluating a potential mate?

Should it?

The panel gathered at a recent Podcast Movement conference held in my lovely city, Chicago, IL.

This was a diverse panel with a range of both financial and relationship experiences who were not shy about contributing to what could be a touchy subject.

That’s the perfect combination for a dynamic and insightful group discussion – girl chat with a purpose.

I want to the panelist:

  • Elle Martinez of – a site dedicated to helping couples navigate financial decisions in a way that builds their family and their net worth.
  • Jessica Garbarino of She helps single women by teaching them how to get out of debt, budget, and plan for their financial future.
  • Miranda Marquit writes for and She helps readers focus on investing and entrepreneurship with a particular focus on building a location independent lifestyle. You can also catch her on
  • Michelle Jackson from who wants to help bike riding, kale lovers with an eye for fashion to recover financially as the learn to do more with what they already have. She’s also busy with the D.O.N.E Society which encourages those done with the 9-5 to nurture their inner, digital entrepreneur.

These ladies made the podcast fun, but really challenged women us to think beyond the headline. Tune in and be inspired!


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Topics Covered on this Episode

  • How single women can evaluate their love life while keeping finances in perspective.
  • An honest perspective on changing attitudes toward shared personal finances after a recent divorce.
  • A diverse set of experiences regarding relationships and finances.
  • Why Michelle’s carpenter is hot with lots of potential.
  • What factors are important when it comes to matters of the heart.
  • Can you marry romance and a pragmatic approach to personal finances when selecting potential mates?


“Before you get married, know thy self.” –Elle Martinez




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Debt Free Divas
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