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Location Independence

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Gabby Wallace left her Boston hometown looking for adventure and stumbled upon something amazing. She landed in Tokyo, Japan to teach college English, take in another culture, and learn a new language. In the meantime, she was able to pay off $22,000 of debt in one year which, among other things, led to a lifestyle of location independence.

Traveling the world and living out of her suitcase suited her just fine.

Location independence might be a new concept. Gabby wants us to think of the idea of doing remote work a few times a week and expand on that idea.

Instead of being tied to one spot, she explored 20+ countries in one year. While she’s calling Brazil home for the time being, she’s done all this travel because she generates her income purely online.

I love a good travel story. Even better – I love one that involves debt freedom and making money.

Have you ever considered living in another country? You might want to check out Gabby’s story. Location independence may be in your future.

Topics Covered on this Episode

I’m seriously trying to get WonderMan to consider relocating abroad for a time.  My article interviewing expats living in other countries has really opened my eyes to the possibility.

Until I get there, enjoy Gabby’s description of location independence on this episode of the Midday Money Show.

We talked about:

  • How she was able to pay off $22,000 of student loan debt in one year
  • How the cost and quality of living in Tokyo compares to cities in the U.S.
  • What it’s like live a location independent lifestyle
  • Banking concerns when you have no home base
  • Running her online business and how she was able to replace her teaching salary when unexpectedly “invited to quit”
  • Maintaining personal connections when you’re a digital nomad



“At that time, I didn’t have any concept that this location independent lifestyle existed. I didn’t know that there were people that worked online exclusively, who could just pick up a go and live anywhere…” ~ Gabby Wallace


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  1. Love the idea. I will try to listen to the interview later….really wish you translated it to text though. …. And yes, my husband and I are part-time location independent. During the summer we travel about 3 months every year (we live where it gets REALLY hot) and we can do the vast majority of our work on the internet or by phone. It sure makes life sweet.

    • Debt Free Divas says:

      You know. I’m just finding out that having a transcript with the podcast is a thing. I’ll have to check into that. Thanks Kathy!

      I’m trying to get to that point. Sounds like a sweet life indeed!

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