The Cost of Romance with LaTisha D Styles @ Young Adult Finances

Love is still in the air. As such, revisiting a popular series seemed appropriate. The Cost of Romance looked at how relationships and personal finances intertwined. This can be a touchy subject, but one we should master for healthy relationships.

Since the dating game has changed slightly since I’ve been involved, we invited a few personal finance experts with more recent experience to share their perspectives.

Our guests did not disappoint.

 Debt Free Living Relationships

This episode covers a conversations with LaTisha D Styles of Young Adult Finances. We turned to the millennial money expert to get the voice of the newly minted adult crowd when dating and finances intersect.

In this episode, enjoy:

  • A frank discussion on how to approach the money topic while dating.
  • Creative, budget-friendly dating ideas when cash strapped.
  • Why loans within relationships can hurt more than help.


Show Notes:


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