Tame Your Grocery Bill with Simple Ways to Save

I’ve added a new item to my bucket list. Get invited to a home cooked meal at Steve and Annette Economidies. She had me at lamb chops…

Steve and Annette have been married for the better part of 3 decades. This frugal family didn’t start out as money masters, but over the years they’ve learned how to do more with the money they had. Annette shares that finding ways to accomplish their goals without debt became a game.

Save money on groceries.

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This family started their early years learning to thrive on $835/month and decided from the beginning not to borrow money. Instead, they chose to scour garage sales, negotiate everything, and develop strategies to help them keep more of their hard earned cash.

The Economidies used a secret system to manage their money…well, it’s no secret at all folks. Living on a budget helped this family of 7 live on an average salary of $35,000 and:

  • Pay off their home in 9 years
  • Send all 5 children to college with zero debt
  • Pay cash for all of their cars
  • Take family vacations with no debt strings attached
  • Spend $350/month to feed a family of 7 (no Ramen Noodles for this clan)

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The average family is spending $200/person/month on groceries. For a family of four, you’re looking at $800/month on food. How does your budget stack up?

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How the Economidies, who are most definitely carnivores (and occasionally eat out), keep their grocery bill to $50/person/month.
  • A no nonsense system to organize and inventory your food pantry.
  • How reducing the frequency of your shopping trips can save time and money.
  • Why you should leave toddlers at home! (WonderMan do you hear this?)
  • Meal planning tips with the local food ads (Find the deals, then you plan the meals!) and loss leaders to save more money.
  • Short circuiting impulse purchases by shopping with a plan. 60% of groceries added to your cart are put their on impulse. Wow! They share a great challenge to test your impulse shopping habits.
  • Strategies to save money before shopping and while you’re in the store.
  • Alternatives to spending $30-$40 in a restaurant on the days when cooking meals at home just doesn’t come together. We all have those days!


 “I learned to stretch our money until it begged for mercy.” ~ Annette Economidies




Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Visit Steve and Annette’s website: Money Smart Family

Seasons Produce Guide (To learn when fruits and veggies are in season.)

Free Shopping List

Study: When the rubber meets the road

Books by Steve and Annette Economidies:


Save money on groceries.



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