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Did you know there was a National Institute on Retirement? Me neither. Apparently, they study these things. Thankfully so, because Americans are not doing so hot in the savings arena.

  • The median retirement account balance for all households is $3000.
  • The median retirement account balance for “near-retirement” households is $12,000.
  • 2/3 of households ages 55-64 have less than one year’s income in retirement saving.

If those numbers catch your attention, then you’ll be interested in what Carl Richards has to say about it. I had a chance to chat with him on the Midday Money Show about his latest book, The One-Page Financial Plan.



Carl is a Certified Financial Planner and NY Times Columnist. He doodles on napkins and thinks financial planners – for the most part – have it wrong.

In a nutshell, financial plans should be simple. They can even be on one page – if you take his advice. While the overall retirement numbers may seem dismal, your approach can break from the norm. Start by simplifying your approach to future financial planning.

I would be remiss if I neglect to remind that a pursing debt free life and establishing an emergency fund would be a great place to start when separating your self from the pack. Here’s more help in this area:

Your journey out of debt will take time. You didn’t incur the debt overnight. Be patient and persistent. In the meantime, the latest episode will plant the following seeds:

The Episode Includes:

  1. What every one page financial plan should include.
  2. What to look for in a financial planner.
  3. Why having a “good enough” plan is the best approach.
  4. Practical tips for developing your custom financial plan.
  5. The phrase financial pornography. Seriously. It’s in there.



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