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Is low self esteem expensive?

Jarim Person-Lynn is challenging us to look in the mirror and question our motives and behaviors as it relates to personal finances. Low self esteem can be expensive. Does that self esteem problem have a significant impact in 76% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck? Quite possibly.

 Debt Free Living

Jarim explores 12 points in his book, This is Why You’re Broke (A comprehensive guide to your own financial stupidity). Your rent or living expenses may be holding you back. Your automobile choices may be based more on presenting an image vs responsibly handling transportation needs. Have you ever considered that your personal style may be contributing to financial stagnation?

Are you partaking in legal narcotics for recreational reasons? Count the financial costs to your bottom line.

It’s all fair game.

Jarim shares his experience of going broke, twice, and then emerging from the experience with a calling to help others create a healthy financial foundation. That begins with dumping debt.

Enjoy the conversation with Jarim on this episode of the Midday Money Show.


Brass Knuckle Finance is looking for people who are willing to spread the message of fiscal responsibility. You can connect with Jarim and his team using the links below.

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