Keeping Your Affairs in Order – Legal Matters Chat with Johnetta Paye, Esq.

For some time, I’ve wanted to cover basic legal issues on the Midday Money Show podcast.

Why, after 5 years, I’m just getting around to it is beyond me. Maybe I had the same questions that many of us have when finding a lawyer for personal legal matters. Where do I find a good lawyer to discuss my issues and concern? How can I tell if the attorney is competent enough to trust? I wonder how much they’ll charge me?

Well ask and you shall receive – the answers in this case that is.

Johnetta Paye is an attorney and entrepreneur in Chicago, IL who specializes in transaction law (i.e. contracts) and litigation. She’s launched a Youtube channel to provide homeowners in distress with an informational legal resource. This might just come in handy during your attorney research phase – do they have a Youtube channel?

As life would have it, her Youtube channel is how our paths crossed. You all know me. I love to talk about all things as they relate to money. That’s exactly what we did.

 Legal affairs


Topics Addressed in this Episode:

  1. In case you are not clear, we discussed the difference between typical areas that can distress a homeowner. Starting with definitions helps to set a foundation for a knowledgeable discussion.
  2. What to expect in the foreclosure process. There are different options homeowners should be aware of before and after court papers have been filed. She also provides suggestions for approaches to resolve your matter at the various stages.
  3. What is a home loan modification and how can you accomplish one.
  4. How and where to find a lawyer and how to evaluate whether the services are a good fit. Some attorney’s (although not common) provide a free initial consultation. Johnetta Paye happens to be one that does.
  5. We covered audience questions. You all let me know if you like this part and I’ll keep it in. Great questions by the way! Thanks Carol!
  6. We covered a very interesting scenario about how complex co-mingling funds before marriage can become and why you might want to approach the various legal alternatives. It sounds better when Johnetta breaks it down. She even left the hypothetical realm and opened up with her own experiences. She fits in quite nicely with the #teamdebtfree crowd! We’re all about authenticity around these parts.

Enough about what I think. Listen to this thoughtful and informative podcast for yourself and be inspired!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Directories or peer review sites to research attorney feedback:,,, or their various social media profiles
  • Johnetta’s website:
  • Connect with Johnetta on Facebook , Linked In, and Twitter.
  • Check out her Youtube channel. She’ll be creating more content and discussing additional topics in the future so you may want to subscribe.

Legal affairs discussion with Johnetta Paye, Esq (podcast)

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