Helping Newlyweds Have the Money Talk – Before and After the Wedding

We are smack dab in the midst of wedding season and little birdy told me that Elle Martinez of is working on a newlywed personal finance guide. So, I asked her to join me on the Midday Money Show to give us a sneak peak at the topics she thinks couples should focus on.

I have a wedding to attend this summer.

I’m looking forward to wedding festivities, but I do wonder how couples address the money topic before the wedding – and then after. Elle was very gracious to lend us her expertise, and I think you’ll find plenty of value in the tips she provides.

Newlywed Money Chat

This Podcast Episode Covers:

  • Questions couples need to ask (and have answered) before saying “I Do”.
  • Not letting assumptions about financial habits cause problems.
  • How to set up the money date to address finances without turning it into an interrogation.
  • How couples at odds financially can work together effectively.
  • Tips for sticking to a wedding budget and facing this financial endeavor as a couple.
  • Financial life after the wedding day – what should couples focus on first.
  • Solid advice for couples facing tense financial conversations.

“Give your marriage the best head start you can.” ~ Elle Martinez


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Newlywed Money Chat for Debt Free Living

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