Do That One Thing

Can you relate?

You’ve been on a roll, making good – no scratch that – GREAT progress toward goals and then it happens. Something interrupts your flow. It could be a financial emergency. Maybe a relationship situation emerges and sucks your energy and attention longer than seems appropriate.

In my case, a planned surgery turned into an extended recovery fog. I’m glad the surgery is behind me. I’ve just gotten out of my routine and getting back on track has taken longer than anticipated. How does one reclaim the lost momentum?

Well, I’m trying this approach – do one thing.

Debt Free Living

Instead of focusing on the mountain that has emerged over the past two weeks and becoming discouraged, I’d rather select one thing. Knock that out and bask in the glow of accomplishment – no matter how small.

That “one thing” was facilitating a training for my mastermind group. After that, I needed to knock out this post (the first since my surgery).

This happens when dumping debt.

Distractions occur. Job loss visits unexpectedly. New additions (or sometimes losses) temporarily require energy redirection. Life doesn’t stop when you decide to fix your finances.

Before long, a list of tasks can build up. Restarting can seem daunting. Do that one thing.

I’ve heard this referred to as Gating. One task consumes more mental energy than most; serving as a mental block that prevents you from visualizing productivity. It could be:

  • That stack of unopened mail.
  • A pile of paperwork that needs filing or shredding.
  • That room in the house you’ve been avoiding.

I’m taking my own advice. Select one thing to focus on, tackle, and complete to gain a quick win. Transfer the momentum on to the next quick win until you’re back in full swing.

Don’t get discourage when distractions hinder progress temporarily. Shake off the minor setbacks. It’s part of the experience.

Is there one thing that’s holding back productive progress?

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