Affordable Travel Tips for A Week at the Beach

We all make choices which will impact the speed at which we emerge from debt.

One choice we consciously made was to continue traveling even though we were facing a mountain of debt. This decision likely impacted the time it took us – over 7 years – to dump debt.

However, looking back, I don’t regret our approach. We did make a few key changes:

  1. All travel was paid for in cash.
  2. We cut costs by visiting friends or family (and staying with them), splitting a condo with a group, or cooking most meals.

Often our travel was to see friends or family, so hotel and car rental expenses were minimal.

Dumping debt doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.

Afford travel with debt free living

That’s why I invited Sarah Fazendin, a Colorado native and travel blogger with years of experience in the travel industry, to offer helpful tips to keep travel affordable. Sarah writes for A Week at the Beach and A Family Travel Blog.

On This Podcast

On this episode of the Midday Money Show podcast, Sarah lays out:

  • Tips for making travel affordable for busy folks
  • How this mother of two avoids travel during spring break and holidays
  • A travel expert’s take on Disney trips
  • The best, most affordable travel destination
  • How to cut costs on one of the biggest expenses during travel
  • How to take the headaches out of travel planning
  • Why involving children in travel planning is a win-win
  • A travel expert’s travel bucket list

Tune in and be inspired to travel – without breaking your budget.


Show Notes:

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