Why Mastermind

Are you familiar with a mastermind? As a budding online entrepreneur, I immerse myself in business how-to’s, best practices, and successful tips and tactics of those doing what I strive to accomplish. I’ve been running into this topic, mastermind, for some time. Essentially, a mastermind is an accountability group. Members meet regularly (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and help one another with advice, share strategies, or provide connections to help each other reach stated goals. The idea is simple – there is strength in numbers.

Initially, I talked to a few friends about starting one locally. However, ask and you shall receive. I heard (through a friend who had a friend who told a…you get the idea) about an organized effort to create mastermind groups through Paul C. Brunson. I’ve joined with the hope of developing a group that will encourage me to take the Debt Free Divas to a more productive level; thus allowing us to reach and help an even larger network. Ultimately, we want to spark a personal finance revolution where improving one’s financial state is the norm; not the exception.

The groups are still in the forming stage. You can definitely still join. As an information broker (grant it – I generally focus on finances), I thought this was a great effort and wanted to share it with our community. The groups are broken into two categories: business development and personal growth. Still not convinced? Forbes Magazine has a great article on 7 reasons to join a mastermind group.

You can connect with the effort via Paul C. Brunson on his website. This particular group meets twice a month, requires a 1 year commitment, and will promptly invite you to leave after two absences. It seems they mean business. So far, I’m thoroughly impressed with the communication. If you have any questions, expect a prompt response on twitter if you contact @PaulCBrunson.

Let us know what you decide!

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