Weekend Reading – Win Cash and Prizes

I’ve been stepping up my blog networking activities. As such, I’ve noticed something very interesting. Everyone is giving away something! For the price of an email, a tweet, or Facebook follow; you can walk away with serious cash. Have you ever won anything? I have. $200 from Debt.org to share my story of dumping debt. I shared that with members of #teamdebtfree (I love you guys!!!). I also won a great book from Dr. Steve Perry, “Push Has Come to Shove” about transforming the American educational system. Great read! Sometimes I end up on a mailing list and later need to opt out…sometimes.

In keeping with our Pay Cash for Christmas contest, I made a note of any contests offering cash. Use this to pad your holiday fund. We create many traditions to celebrate with friends and family. Why not make committing to pay cash and celebrating the holidays with no strings attached a new one!

Just for fun, here’s a group of giveaway contests from reputable sites I’ve found online.

  • DIYFaerie ($25 Target Gift Card) – ends October 16

Go ahead. Try for a chance to pad your stash. You just might win. Let us know if you do!

Have you ever won anything from an online giveaway?

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