Savvy Money Strategies for Single Moms

Emma Johnson is the founder of a community designed to encourage the professional single mother. Wealthy Single Mommy grew out of her own experience seeking support while raising two children and rebuilding after a divorce. She hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and is a regular contributor to national publications such as Forbes.

Emma is funny and upbeat, but she doesn’t shy away from the tough topics. Whether she’s taking on the institution of alimony or breaking down the financial aspects behind housework outsourcing, she’s plain spoken and doesn’t mince words. I love a passionate debate and appreciate her taking to time to encourage single moms.

I’m new to the parent party and working with a willing spouse is hard enough. My hat goes off to those doing an effective job as a single parent. Tune in to this episode of the Midday Money Show and enjoy Savvy Money Strategies for Single Moms.


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