R.I.P. Mr. Williams

By now, we’ve all heard the heart crushing news of the loss of Robin Williams to suicide. Like many, Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors/comedian. I attribute an affinity to several movie favs, Good Will Hunting or Good Morning Vietnam, to performances by this artistic giant. It can be difficult to associate depression with someone who brought joy to so many for so many years.

We don’t have the details of his struggle, nor should we. His privacy should be respected. However, his death will likely shine a light, even if temporary – until the next news cycle, on severe depression and suicide. I’ve plunged into a dark place a time or two in recent years. The Debt Free Divas actually developed out of a need to redirect that energy into something productive. We said goodbye to our daughter, Casey, after only 23 weeks. I have my faith to thank for the life line when it was difficult to see past the current hurt. Of course, all of this clarity is in hindsight. This verse in particular was central to the progress…I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm…Jeremiah 29:10.

Sad seems an inadequate descriptor in this case. I didn’t know Mr. Williams, but I ache because his struggle ended prematurely. I can only pray that his family finds a measure of peace as they grieve the loss of their loved one and a future that may have been. As my 8 month old struggles to develop mobility over my legs (as I write this) and her older brother breathes deeply in his crib next door, I’m exceedingly grateful to my Father in Heaven who helped me avoid a permanent solution to a temporary reaction. In the same space, my heart weeps for the Williams’ clan. Robin Williams will be sorely missed.

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