Power of Community Update

#teamdebtfree – WE DID IT! My #team2legit running buddy, the wonderful Ms. Shauna, and I completed our first 5K. It was a struggle. A couple of seasoned seniors passed us up with a mean power strut. While I giggled – inside – at the imagery, the activity of those around us was inconsequential. We got it done. Our journey to 5K completion, just like your debt dumping experience, might not look like the others with a few more years in the game. The goal is and was – completion.  

Our experiment will begin on October 1. Sign up here to join the group. As previously stated, race training and dumping debt have shared qualities. A little encouragement is an amazing force. A lot of encouragement can make you unstoppable.

My family joined us at the race start to cheer us off (even though WonderMan was under the weather and the wind had a serious attitude).



A girlfriend surprised us (in several choice locations) and showed up with quite possibly the best sideline sign ever!



Another friend popped in and helped me knock out a mile with the right amount of witty repartee before exiting to make sure we had scrumptious, post-race breakfast.

Simple displays of encouragement helped us push on to the finish line. We didn’t request it, but we definitely needed every bit. This focused and intentional encouragement, motivation, and guidance is exactly the Power of Community that the Debt Free Divas will apply to dumping debt. If eliminating debt was easy, everyone would do it. When everyone has a community of support, they will.

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