New Year, New You – Share Your Debt Free Journey (All Phases Welcome)

I’ve been noodling this project for some time. I love hearing progress updates and encouraging #teamdebtfree in your pursuit of debt free living.

In the past, the Debt Free Divas have highlighted people who’ve already accomplished debt freedom (either consumer debt only or including the mortgage). That’s wonderful. I love it. We’ll continue to do it. Those stories spread hope. However, there’s also value in hearing from those currently in the trenches as well.

Recently, one of our faithful contributors shared her in progress story of working towards a debt free goal as a single mom. She has dumped $150,000 in debt so far and is well on her way to be debt free in 2015. Her in progress story inspired people all over the country. People she’ll probably never meet. She’s giving hope simply because she dares to share.


One of my tidbits in fending off frugal fatigue suggests sharing your story. Public pronouncements help to keep you accountable. You also never know how your story can bless someone else.

I’m looking for 21 stories (at least) to share beginning January 1, 2015. Conventional wisdom holds that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Let’s spend the first 3 weeks of 2015 immersed in the debt free dreams, goals, and aspirations of this great #teamdebtfree community.

I want to hear from YOU!

All phases of the debt free journey are welcome.

Complete the following form and I’ll be in touch. The interviews will be conducted via a mix of articles and podcasts. Let’s just see how this goes. I’m excited.

Let’s do this!!!


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