3 Steps to Phenomenal-ness

We recently shared that one is 33% more likely to accomplish goals when they are written, shared with a friend, and reviewed weekly. Either because of said research or coincidentally or both, my money buddy and I have been doing just that. Thanks Brown Suga Sho’Nuff! It’s too soon to really measure our productivity improvement. However, I feel like things are definitely trending in the right direction. Our process is simple enough:

1.       Make written to-do lists. I’ve found doing this either first thing in the morning, or the last thing before wrapping up for the evening helps me think clearly. We’ve also experienced a noticeable drop in productivity when this step is neglected.

2.       Assess your Phenomenal Phactor. If your list contained 10 items and you completed 5, then you Phenomenal Phactor is 50% (number of items completed/total number of items). Quantify your improvement (or lack thereof) each week by tracking this number.

3.       Review status with your money buddy weekly.  This a great way to hold yourself accountable. Work out plans to improve your Phenomenal Phactor if needed. Use this time to figure out what works and doesn’t. Encourage each other on to greater success.  

Trello is a very cool (and very free) tool that can further enhance your phenomenal phactor. Organize to-do lists into boards. Assign due dates. Even give stakeholders (your family) access to appropriate sections so that everyone is on the same page. Again, I thank my money buddy – Brown Suga Sho’Nuff – for sharing this phenomenal tip. So far, I’ve laid out my major projects for the year and am looking forward to seeing my phenomenal phactor skyrocket!

How often do you check in with a money buddy? Has it improved your phenomenal-ness?

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