Why Debt Free

I’m a planner. I love to think about what I want/should be doing 6 months, a year, or even 5 years from now. As I’m enjoying the last year of my third decade of life, I’m planning for the arrival of a new bundle of joy and how I can bring in the 4-0 with a bang (a pop or whimper will also suffice). I mentioned to a close pal that I’m considering renting a yacht to hold a floating festival in a combined celebration for the two milestones. The response was a somewhat snarky and equally surprising, “How much will all that cost? Okay … Debt Free Diva”.

Now maybe my pal was just having a low-energy moment. It happens. However, the comment begs the question, are we communicating why debt freedom is important?

The Debt Free Divas strongly encourage our friends, family, followers, or whomever might come across this blog to dump your consumer debt as quickly as you can and adopt a pay for the fun stuff with cash philosophy to free yourself from the stress, uncertainty, and bondage that debt represents. Once that debt is dumped, do you! Give to good causes. Establish your emergency funds. Rev up your retirement planning. Add momentum to a mortgage pay off. Most importantly, live a full life. Please forgive us if we’ve ever suggested that debt freedom is designed to do anything but help you live life and live it more abundantly.

The sacrifices or lifestyle cutbacks we constantly propose are only temporary to give you extra room to accelerate any debt elimination process. To know me is to know that I love a great party. Just pay cash for it so the bills don’t follow you home…month after month. Once your reach your debt free goals, reclaim your financial life! Ascribing to a Debt Free Divas’ philosophy doesn’t mean you shall now and forever never enjoy life. We believe just the opposite. Attack your unnecessary debt in the short term, so that you have more freedom to plan, save, and pay for those major life milestones with no strings attached.

I hope we can clear up any confusion…especially for that close pal. After you’ve retire your debt, what will you focus on next?


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