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One of my favorite games, Cashflow, is available to play online. It’s also FREE! Cashflow was created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. His board game retails for $200. I haven’t setup a group game in a while. It does take the better part of an afternoon to play fully. However, this is time well spent. I’ve played with children, ages 10 and up and EVERYONE (so far) has found this game engaging, entertaining and educational. We’ve even had heated negotiations (between my mom and the 10 year old).

The game basically walks you through the process of building wealth. Players begin by selecting a dream: anything from dinner with the president to launching a business to an African safari. I love dreaming big. The winner is the first to get out of the rate race (i.e. your passive income overtakes expenses) and land on a chosen dream. After playing, many remark how the game highlights your real life habits and attitudes toward money. Most of all, it’s a ton of fun!

Never been much into online gaming, but I’m sooooo willing to give this a try. Who’s with us? We’ll probably need a Sunday afternoon, a conference line, and snacks (BYOS). Games max out at 6 people, but the more games the merrier.

Comment below if you’d like to play.



  1. Benjamin says:

    I’d love to. I haven’t played the game before but I really want to try it out.

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