Old School Remedies to the Rescue

After two weeks of what started as scratch-like marks that morphed into burn-like scars; we took WonderBoy in for a pediatric evaluation. Turns out he has a rash. It could be a mild case of eczema or guttate psoriasis. The doctor’s uncertain diagnosis was mildly unsettling. Either way, the plan of action was the same – keep the skin moisturized.

The smell good, Johnson’s lotion contains alcohol which can dry a baby’s skin. I did not know that. Turns out, we should avoid any products with the smell good scents. Those typically contain alcohol. Baby Aveeno, a recommended option, starts at $6.24 for a 12 ounce bottle. Or, you can use Vaseline. Really? I can just hear Grandma saying, “That’s what the old folks used.” Who doesn’t have a jar of Vaseline in the closet? The jar description reads “Protects Skin” on the back. I never studied a jar of Vaseline so closely. My No Buy Month challenge just got a boost. I can address my child’s dry skin issue, stick to my No Buy Month goals, and honor Grandma and the old folk’s traditions in one greasy action.

It’s been 3 days. The rash is clearly up nicely. Do you have any old school remedies that are saving you money?


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