My No Buy Month Goals

I’m a sucker for a good initiative; especially one that promotes healthy fiscal habits. The No Buy Month is my next thing to do. Why no buy? This is not some anti-capitalistic, political statement. This is, however, an attempt to simplify, to reflect on essentials, and to press pause while determining the best approach to money management. Beginning February 1, I’m joining Savvy Brown and the Frugalista in a No Buy Month experiment.

Savvy Brown has a first rate graphic with the rules overview. Check it out.

February presents two advantages. First, it’s the shortest month. Yay! Second, (in my neck of the woods) it’s COLD!! Life tends to slow down significantly during the winter. So, I’m in.

My goals for the February No Buy Month include:

  1. No guilt! Do your best to reach your goals. Period.
  2. Hold my February Finance Committee Meeting (before Superbowl Sunday).
  3. Continue to complete and post my budget. Refer to it constantly.
  4. Pack snacks to reduce the call from the Drive-Through Window while out running errands.
  5. Continue working on my Couch to 5K goal. When you feel better, you make better decisions.
  6. Plan out weekly grocery shopping trips to include coupon use (this will be hard). I want to shave another 10% from my grocery shopping bill.
  7. Find a No Buy option to locate business dress for a group presentation on February 26.
  8. Attend a previously accepted engagement (a birthday celebration) without spending cash.
  9. Find some creative, frugal fun.

For me, the difference between a no-buy or not-no-buy month is minimal. Being intentional and focusing on essentials should help me clarify priorities, eliminate distractions (even the good ones), and restore balance. Hopefully!

I anticipate two challenges: 1) my attire needs and 2) a birthday outing with friends. I’d love to hear how you would address either. What challenges might you face with a No Buy Month?


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