Jabez Challenge

I’ve been unplugged for the past week to evaluate my motivation.  Sometimes, mundane distractions really eat up time and work against productivity. In an effort to reignite a smoldering flame of drive, I picked up an interesting little book by Bruce Wilkinson, “The Prayer of Jabez”.

This 90-page morsel packs an energetic punch. It’s just what I needed. About half way through, I knew I was up for the challenge – even before I knew there was one. Guess what? There is a challenge and I’m inviting you to join us in the Jabez challenge. Written in 2000, “The Prayer of Jabez” is sure to be in the library if you can’t do as I did and borrow from a friend. Step 1 – read the book! In the meantime, the Cliff’s Notes below should suffice to wet your whistle.

A little background: Jabez received a biblical shout-out within the context of an otherwise routine listing of hundreds of names (1 Chron 4:9). Jabez was apparently “more honorable than all his brothers.” With a name that translates into “He causes (or will cause) pain”, his honorable whoo-hoo begs the question…what gives? Apparently, Jabez knew what to ask and of whom to ask it.

In a nutshell, here is the prayer of Jabez.

                                Oh, that you would bless me indeed,

                                and enlarge my territory,

                                that your hand would be with me,

                                and that you would keep me from evil.

That’s it. That one sentence prayer got him a shout out and kicks off this challenge. Here’s the kicker. In verse 10, we read that God granted him what he asked. Wilkinson does a superb job of explaining why this prayer is so powerful in just a few words. One message comes through loud and clear. We should not be afraid to be self-concerned, bold, and expectant in seeking miraculous answers to prayers. Maybe the squeaky wheel really does get the oil. Are you up for praying for increases in opportunities, influence, ability, productivity, or whatever? Imagine an increase to whatever territory is in the plan for your life so that you can turn around and use it for good. I like this, because it’s not about praying for more stuff for the sake of more stuff. This challenge is about being used to make a difference in your family, your community, your network…even the world! Dream big. Right?

Challenge Details

1.       Read the book. I like my summary, but it pales in comparison to what I’ve just experienced between the book covers. I hope I’ve tickled your fancy, but you need more details.

2.       Pray this prayer every day for the next 30 days. Of course, make this specific to you and what God might accomplish through you. Try posting your prayer each day.  I really like that part.

3.       Expect an answer to your prayer.

4.       Make notes of any answers you receive or any changes you experience.

5.       Share your prayer and experience with another who will hopefully join the challenge and check in on you.

6.       Let us know what happens. We love to be encouraged by your comments.

What does this have to do with debt freedom? I have my thoughts, but I’d love to hear from you!


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