Honored to be a Debt Hero

Not one to toot my own horn generally, I am honored to have others toot it for me. Our fabulous Facebook community helped the Debt Free Divas win a recent contest sponsored by Debt.org. The prize included a profile covering my family’s multi-year battle with debt. Providing information for the story took me back through a winding journey that was our debt dumping experience.

They asked how WonderMan felt about the process. Good question. I’d never asked him. He’s pretty flexible with most things and since I was pretty determined he didn’t make much fuss. If you’d like to see what he said, along with other details of our journey, click here for the full story.

A point of clarification: while we absolutely did pay off $107,000 over seven years (I’ve been saying six – subtraction error), we did not accumulate the entire amount at one time – obviously. The author may have misinterpreted the barrage of details I provided. There were plenty. We made a series of decisions, some worse than others. When I first totaled our debt, we were in the hole almost $45,000. After beginning our debt snowball, we justified financing cars, accumulated a big tax bill, and accumulated other well-meaning but ill-advised business debt. By the time we paid the last credit card bill, the total debt had ballooned to $107,000. Ouch!

As we discussed our history with Debt.org, memories of personal tragedies or unexpected emergencies resurfaced. This journey was hardly a straight shot from A to Z. Life doesn’t grant a pass on struggles while you’re eliminating debt. One thing stood out from all of our missteps, bad choices, or just plain unfair circumstances – we did not give up! As long as you learn from any money mishaps, you’ll make better decisions moving forward hopefully. Let my story encourage you to pursue your debt free desires. Each month, try a little harder and you’ll move a little closer towards your goal.  

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