Confessions of a Grocery Store Snob

This post was a part of our 2012 New Year New You contest. The contest is over…but the content is still very relevant

We are mid way through our New Year New You contest and a tip for Day #10 hits close to home.

Day 10: Shop Discount Grocers

I’m a Debt Free Diva, but I will admit, I was a bit of a grocery store snob. I judged stores by location and perceptions about the clientele served. I’m not proud.

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After a recent (and hopefully temporary) reduction in household income, I was looking for additional ways to conserve cash. One of our largest variable expenses is groceries.

My grocery store is close, has a huge advertising budget, and is one of the more expensive chains available in the city. Did I say it was close? As a lark, I decided to try Aldi – the deep discount chain which I (in my ignorance) associated with a less affluent community. My grandma, on a fixed income, shops at Aldi. Pride aside, with a need to save money, I gave Aldi a try. To my snobbery surprise, the store was clean, the produce was fresh, and I saved nearly 35% over my normal spending total. No coupons, no store cards, and they even carried some of the same brands. Imagine that!

So while there is no coffee bar (never been a coffee drinker), or fresh bakery (New Year’s resolution is to lose weight anyway), and they don’t carry 14 brands of canned peas (never could tell the difference); I think we can stick with a quality, discount grocer for the majority of our meal time needs.

Have you been totally surprised by a deep, discount grocery store in your area?

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