Busted 2012 Goals

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and the time has come to renew our focus on ditching debt in 2013. As is customary for this time of year, I like to establish new goals and review my progress from the year gone bye-bye. Here’s an honesty moment…most of my 2012 goals will transfer, verbatim, over to the page for 2013. What was I doing last year?

Well, life was much more difficult than my rosy prediction envisioned. I literally laughed out loud when reviewing my post-pregnancy weight loss goals. June? Really? Let’s just say, the boy-child had life plans that didn’t always line up with my 2012 goals. Instead of bemoaning my limited progress (I did check off an item or two) or resigning to never set goals again…EVER…, I flipped back to my 2011 progress list. It turns out, there were some items left undone in 2011 as well. I suspect this trend also surfaces in earlier years. However, I did manage to remember an amazing list of tasks that were completed. I’ll do that again this year.

Please don’t arbitrarily dismiss goals left undone. If relevant, transfer them over to the New Year. I will be a bit more conservative about upcoming projects. Most importantly, I’ll reflect on and appreciate the special accomplishments from the year gone bye-bye. Most notably – we welcomed the boy child into our family. Everything else is just gravy.

What 2012 accomplishment makes you smile?


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