A Raise in 21 Days

We’re convinced it takes 21 days to build a habit. Effective money management is a learned skill. Have you missed any Tips of the Day in our new push to Give Yourself a Raise in 21 Days? No problem. A recap is the best way to catch up.

Day 2: Know where it goes.

Tracking is essential to preparing a proper plan: your budget. Little things add up. Take a week to write down everything you spend. Add it up. The results just may surprise you.


Day 3: Post your budgets.

In the beginning, WonderMan and I would create fantastic, color coordinated, detailed budgets. We’d email them, marvel over the advanced, tabular-linking functionality (yes, we’re nerds), and then forget about it for the next two months (nerds with ADD). Once I stripped it down to relevant data, made it fit on one page, and posted that puppy on the fridge; we stuck with it. Keep your budget simple and make sure you see it on a regular basis.


Day 4:Find a Money Buddy

An accountability partner can help keep you focused on your goals and pull your card when tempted to go rouge. Make sure this is someone who is fiscally responsible with enough chutzpah to apply tough love whenever needed.


Day 5: Swap ‘Til You Drop

Bartering clothes, services, kid items, cars, or even real estate is making a come back. If you have it (or can do it), someone else needs it. Business owners can really take advantage of bartering to obtain products or services without impacting cash flow. It’s best to start looking within your established network. Always use caution (i.e. meet in public places) when bartering in person with strangers.


Day 6: Opt for cheap reads.

We love to read, but new books can bust your budget. Seek out alternatives like a shiny, new library card. Share books with like minded buddies. Buy used. Check out textbooks.com or bigwords.com to compare prices and save.


Follow our tips and join our push to Give Yourself a Raise in 21 Days. This week’s drawing for the 4,3,2,1 Nutrition Prize Pak has already ended. But if you follow us on Facebook, there are plenty of days left and more ways to win.

Yes, we skipped Day 1. The first was a holiday. The Debt Free Divas need rest too! Continue on to week two.


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