Total Woman Takeaways

The Debt Free Divas had an amazing weekend. Rockford, IL (2 hours north of Chicago) played host to the Total Woman Expo. This scholarship fundraiser and conference offered attendees an opportunity to be inspired by Donna Brazil, a CNN political contributor; participate in an expo, and take in a Fiscally Fit and Lov’n It workshop by yours truly.


Over four workshops, we had an opportunity to share our experience with eliminating debt, managing our household expenses, and working toward a more prosperous future. Attendees also shared their struggles with fiscal priorities. All in all, this was a very productive weekend. Since we couldn’t bring you with us, we’ll share the top 6 takeaways from the weekend.

  1. A money buddy is essential to getting out of debt. Find an accountability partner and help each other walk through this journey. Resist the urge to suffer in silence.
  1. Committing to debt freedom is the first step to becoming Fiscally Fit.
  1. Seek help if you struggle with maintaining a monthly budget!
  1. Work as hard for yourself & your future as you do for any employer.
  1. You can be debt free!
  1. Remember the ABC’s of Budgeting:
    1. (A)ccount for all income.
    2. (B)e specific about all expenses.
    3. (C)ommit to doing a budget each month. #debtfree


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