Go For The Gold

Every four years, I fall in love with the summer Olympics for 2 weeks in late summer. The London games are bringing the excitement, skill, and of course…interesting athlete back stories. I’m a sap for a great back story. Hamadou Djibo Issaka dubbed the “Sculling Sloth” is one such case. Issaka is from Niger, a landlocked country that is 80% desert and has “No boats”. He trained for 3 months before winning a wild card slot in the men’s rowing events. Each race, he finished dead last, but he’s trying, working on his technique, and happy he’s able to sit in the boat without capsizing!


This, of course, makes me think about the pursuit of debt freedom. We don’t all begin as top notch money managers. Regardless of our history, resources, or experiences, the desire to improve will carry you on towards the goal. While there may be no cheers from adoring fans, find some appreciation for your small steps like Issaka. Be happy that you can keep moving forward without falling in.


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