Free Up Your Free Time

Let the dirty laundry flow. For authenticity’s sake, I’m letting it all hang out. I waste a ridiculous amount of time! Television, Youtube, you name it. If it’s mindless and mildly addictive, I’ve invested precious time. All the while, my endless to-do list is screaming “to-do me…somebody…please”.

Thankfully, my unproductive binges run in cycles. On the downward slope now, I’m opening up to encourage an examination of how we use (or waste) our free time. Free time must be divided among so many worthwhile endeavors: family and friends, home maintenance, health management, etc. Financial management has to find its fair share. Time wasters are the enemy of healthy fiscal progress.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average adult spends 2.8 hours a day watching TV. In one year, that adds up to more than a month! Can you imagine watching the boob tube for a straight month? I pick on TV because it’s my productivity nemesis. I have, on occasion, had the nerve to complain that daytime TV kills brain cells. Yet, I have been on the high side of the national TV watching average. According to G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle. Now that we know better, I’ve done the following to try and do better.

  1. TV fast before 6pm.
  2. Bedtime by midnight. (Working from home I take afternoon naps. Any later and my day won’t begin before 7am).
  3. Exercise goal: 4 times/week.
  4. Locate an alternate work site (away from my swanky, oh-so-cozy, South Loop condo).
  5. Less sleeping during and more working while the baby naps throughout the day.

These small changes have created significant productivity gains on this end. What can you do to combat the time wasters in your life?


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