Fighting Back to Normal

I am drowning in a sea of small projects and real life responsibilities. Not complaining, just commenting on my new life with a little one. To say I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement. It is what it is. Trying to focus on finances – while muddling through the chores of daily life – has been a challenge. However, this weekend, I stepped into a secret to surviving the bombardment of a never-ending to-do list…does something different.

Sounds simplistic, I know. However, what a wonderful tool! I spent one hour away from baby screams, laundry, and my oh-so-cozy, sleep inducing, swanky condo in the south loop. The one hour in a business center across the street gave me the peace of mind to knock out some key projects and get back on track. Hmmm…is this my secret weapon? A momentary change in daily routine was enough to spark the energy to power through and fight back to a state of normal.

I find that when the day-to-day projects are in order, finding time to stay current on my finances is much easier. Everything works together for the good of a financial peace of mind. I’m developing a new normal and fighting my way there on my journey to financial peace.

 How do you get back on track on your way back to normal?


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