Comparing debt elimination to a marathon aggravates me. Marathons have a defined beginning and end point. You can judge an approximate end time. There’s honor in attempting the race, whether or not you cross the finish line.

Debt elimination is a slow, hard, slog. Endless life-happens hurdles appear to distract, delay, or even derail your progress. Let’s face it, being in debt sucks. However, digging out can be even worse!!!!

Why the sour-puss attitude? The Debt Free Divas remain upbeat and encouraged about the opportunities available to the debt-free committed. We just want to acknowledge that the process, while oh so worthwhile, can be painful. As such, we’ve started the Debt Free Guest Series and will feature every-day-Joes/Josephines who dumped their debt to help us keep our eyes on the prize.

Damus Smith was a previously unemployed entrepreneur who found himself over $100,000 in debt. Smith admits to hitting a financial rock bottom. He joined the Divas to share his amazing story of trials and perseverance. Along the journey, Smith used several simple techniques to keep himself motivated until he achieved his debt freedom goal. Sometimes, you have to encourage yourself!

Do you have a useful MOTIVATE-MYSELF technique? Post your suggestions in the comment section and we’ll enter you in the drawing for a $DIVA GIFT CERTIFICATE$ and a FREE Financial Roadmap ($100 value). You only have one week. We’ll announce the winners live on the January 27 show. The more suggestions you leave, the more entries you’ll receive!!!


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