Book Review: Millionaire Women Next Door

This is an oldie, but goodie. Non-fiction book series tend to repackage previous information, throw in a catchy new title, and wrap it in a shiny, new book cover. I’ve read my share of millionaire next door sequels. However, Millionaire Women Next Door is quite refreshing.

Dr. Stanley does have a very buttoned-down style of presenting his research and statistics. However, who doesn’t love the juicy tidbits behind how the other side lives. The book is an episode of Cribs without the background music and flashy camera angles. Really! Millionaire Women Next Door focuses on women in business. Dr. Stanley profiles a gaggle of very interesting ladies who share everything from why they chose their industry to why their first marriages tapped-out.

If you’ve already read the Millionaire Next Door, the women provide a unique look into how the wealthy live and manage household finances. Dr. Stanley provides interesting commentary on the financial differences between men and women. Apparently, millionaire ladies make up such a small percentage of the millionaire club nationwide, they warrant their own study. This is also a great read for those who have limited access to wealthy friends and/or family members. Need a millionaire mentor? Take Millionaire Women Next Door for a spin.

The most interesting profile presented was actually of Brian. Dr. Stanley included a letter from Brian, a dyslexic car wash employee turned self employed car detailer turned millionaire. Brian’s story is a wonderful example which reminds us to use the tools you have and push passed any obstacles. No excuses people. We can all be millionaire bound!

No. You do not need to be a woman to enjoy this book.


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