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The Debt Free Divas spent some time chatting with CNN personal finance contributor, Clyde Anderson, about the importance of maintaining a good credit history. Clyde is the founder of Financial Life Connection. He has also authored a unique and clever approach to increasing financial literacy, What Had Happened Was. This story chronicles four characters along their path to achieve the deal of a lifetime.

Tugood Tubetru is a personal finance wiz. Tugood understands the need to live within his means, manage his monthly expenses, and work toward future goals with steady and diligent persistence. Are you Tugood Tubetru?

Couden Careless takes the opposite approach. Couden doesn’t believe that financial accountability is realistic. Couden isn’t familiar with anyone who manages money well and has given up on the idea of succeeding financially. Do you have a Couden Carless attitude?

D. Joneses is concerned with appearances. D. Joneses competes with material possessions regardless of the financial impact. Do your money management habits resemble D. Joneses?

Jestu Getby goes through the motions. Jestu knows what needs to be done, but may not be willing to put in the effort. Are you doing just enough Jestu Getby?

The conversation with Clyde Anderson will air on the Midday Money Show this Thursday. He will help unpack why financial literacy is so important to our everyday lives. Answer the following question and receive a free copy of the What Had Happened Was eBook. Thanks Clyde Anderson!!!!

When did you begin to realize that a good credit profile was important?


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