Do u #twitopera????

The Debt Free Divas are launching our first live-action, Facebook-centered dramedy. The characters are staged, but the stories are ripped from the headlines of everyday life. Follow our hilarious group of Facebook addicts and their fearless counselor – Damus – as they live, love, and stumble through life’s financial lessons.

There are no rules in #twitopera. We’ll follow the action and experience the lessons that #twitopera reveals. Follow from afar, add your two cents, or dive in full character. There’s always room for more!

So why #twitopera on Facebook? Simple answer. We haven’t figured out how to run this on twitter…yet. But, we luuuuv the name! You don’t want to miss a minute of the action. Join the Debt Free Divas on Facebook and fasten your financial safety belts. You’re in for a wild ride!!!!

The series premiere…lol…is this Thursday.


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