Confessions of an Info Hoarder

I have a confession. I’ve been unintentionally keeping a lot of great blogs to myself. A component of the Yakezie challenge requires that we support and promote the other great financial and lifestyle bloggers who are doing great things. The Divas have been doing just fine from a support perspective, but we’ve been keeping the information to ourselves. Oh the shame…

Each week, I think…I should really do a roundup. There’s no time like the present! As a member of the Yakezie Gamma class, I feel a special affinity towards the newest challengers. We’re all just learning to swim. So I’ll begin this post with a Newbie Round Up.


Now, the Not-So-Newbie Yakezie bloggers are amazing. Are you looking for a laugh, to be inspired, or some OMG-Great-Idea tips??? Look no further. I keep these folks on speed dial, blogistically speaking.

See what I’m saying? I’ve been keeping all this to myself. Well enjoy. I know there’s something here for everyone.


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