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I’m trying to blogistically (Is that a word?) recreate the sound which emerged from the Debt Free Divas the moment we learned our little, humble-pie blog was being recognized on the nationally syndicated, afternoon-drive-time, Michael Baisden radio show. Wooo-FREAK’N-HOOOOOO! I think that about sums up our excitement. LOL!

If you’re not familiar, Michael Baisden is a radio host, noted author, speaker, social activist, and all-around great guy. He and George Willborn (Uncle George) offer a refreshing blend of humor mixed with current events wrapped in an old-school party. The Divas are big fans!

So last month, we heard that Baisden Live, the radio program, was seeking to bless authors and businesses with their “Oprah-esk Effect”. Each week during March, they select and promote a small business. Yours’ truly have been selected as the 2nd winner of this contest/opportunity. What does this mean? We’ll be interviewed on the air during Wednesday’s show (March 9). In addition, Michael Baisden will promote our little business to millions of his listeners through his radio show, Facebook, and Twitter. One, ***eh hum***, one moment please…Wooo-FREAK’N-HOOOOOO!!!!

We have lots to do and many to appreciate. Praise the Lord for this undeniably divine intervention. Kim Stratton said it best, favor ain’t fair, but it sure feels fabulous!


We have to thank our Yakezie fam for all the assistance, feedback, and comments!!!!! Finally, one quick note of thanks to Ladonna Robinson of LR Media Group, Inc for her late-night, last minute work on our multi-state, group photo. Why is this starting to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech? Ha! We really do appreciate everyone who tunes in each week to the Mid Day Money Show, those who read the blog, and others who follow us on Facebook & Twitter.  We are going to fabulous debt free places and taking as many along for the ride as will join us.



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