Budgets R.O.C.K.

The time has come for a mid-month, budget check in. Working on a monthly budget requires a regular comparison to actual financial activities. Our initial attempts to create a household budget consumed hours creating a sophisticated spreadsheet profile with all the bells and whistles. Complex formulas, special color coded sections, and fancifully formatted workbooks made us feel very self-impressed. Afterwards, that spreadsheet would sit tucked away on our computer for the next few months while our spending habits remained fairly unchecked.

What changed? I started posting the budget on the fridge. That small move serves as a constant reminder that in our family, Budgets R.O.C.K.

Creating a monthly budget allows you to:

Resist the urge to spend mindlessly by giving every penny a purpose.

Organize your spending to stay on track

Compare your progress over a number of months

Knock out your consumer debt because you control your outflow and intentionally work your debt free plan.

Remember knowledge is definitely powerful. When you know better, you do better.


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